buying your first home - what you should know

Things To Do Before You Hire A Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will want to start the process of advertising your home and showing it to potential buyers as soon as possible. While this is a good thing, you will want to make sure that you are ready for that. To ensure that your home is ready to officially go on the market, you will need to consider doing the following things:

Remove the Clutter

Whether this means that you need to rent a dumpster to clean out the garage, basement, and attic from the things you have been storing for years and that may not be any good anymore, or you start packing things up to take them to storage, you need to start removing the clutter as soon as possible. The more you have in your home, the smaller it will appear to be. Therefore, you want wide, open spaces to give the feeling that there is plenty of room. Once a lot of the excess stuff is removed from the home, and all that remains is furniture and some personal decor, you will have an easier time doing a thorough cleaning. This will make the place shine and smell nicer. This will also ensure that your real estate agent will have an easier time showing every room of the home to potential buyers.

Complete Any Unfinished Projects

Did you start painting a spare bedroom, but never finished? Did you start to replace the tile on the walls in the bathroom, but never got around to finishing the job? No matter how big or small the project is, you will want to find the money and the time to complete it. Unfinished projects are much worse than simply leaving something old or outdated. It might make the potential buyers feel as though something went wrong, and that's why you stopped and decided to sell the house. They do not want to inherit any problems, so it is best if you simply complete any unfinished work. If you do not have a lot of free time to spare, you can always hire a local contractor to assist you. You can then explain to your real estate agent the things that were just done to the house, so he or she can highlight those in tours given to potential buyers.

Once you have done those things, you will be ready to start talking to real estate agents, so you can find the best one to work with.