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Want To Buy A Two-Bedroom Townhome? 3 Features Worth Prioritizing

When you are ready to transition from renting to owning, you will want to determine the right property type to purchase. Although you may find many single-family homes on the market, you might find a condo or townhome preferable based on your preferences.

After consideration, you narrow things down to a two-bedroom townhome because you believe it will give you the most satisfaction. While shopping around, you may want to prioritize other features that can help you enjoy short-term and long-term happiness in your home.

Private Backyard

Some townhomes have residents sharing their backyards and front entryways. While you may not mind sharing these spaces, you can also prioritize a private backyard. Demanding this feature with your purchase will provide numerous advantages over a shared space.

First off, a private yard means it likely has a solid perimeter fence around the space. This feature will provide protection for your children, spouse, pets, and property. A fence and private space ensure that your kids and pets can spend time outside without concern. Debris, wild animals, and neighboring pets cannot cause issues for anyone or anything in the backyard.

Corner Unit

When you look at a collection of townhomes, you may notice that only two of them are corner units because there are only two ends. These properties are worth prioritizing because a corner unit has several exciting benefits over a typical unit in the middle of a townhome row.

An example is getting a wider view of the outside because you will have doors or windows facing three directions instead of two. Also, since townhomes are often long and narrow, you can look forward to a ton of natural light coming in from the side wall windows to every room.

When you furnish a corner unit townhome, you may want to put most of your sound-producing electronics on the neighborless side to reduce sound concerns. This setup will allow you to listen to music or watch shows at a louder volume without your neighbors hearing.

Two Bathrooms

While you can make a one-bathroom townhome work, you may love getting your own bathroom that comes off from the main bedroom. Then, you can turn the second bathroom into a shared one that all your family, friends, and guests use when they come over. This setup allows you to create a highly personalized bathroom that satisfies all your needs.

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