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Recommendations For Selecting The Right Vacation Property Manager

When you are the owner of a vacation rental property, you will be kept busy with regular management of the property and maintenance performance to keep the property profitable. But when you hire a vacation property management service, they should have the experience, knowledge, and time that you need to keep your business successful. Here are some recommendations that you can use to help you choose a vacation property manager.

Evaluate Communication Ability

A good property manager for your vacation rental should be able to handle communications with vacation rental guests as well as with you regarding issues that need attention. This ability to keep open communication and be assertive in handling said communicating will ensure that your vacation rental is kept up with maintenance and the attention it needs.

For example, if your vacation rental has a clog in the plumbing, the property managers should be able to get a notification about it from the guest and then arrange for it to be handled quickly. You don't want a clog in your vacation property's plumbing to go on for more than several hours because this will put your property's plumbing out of commission. As another example, if your property receives damage due to a guest accidentally backing their vehicle into an exterior wall, the property manager needs to notify you as soon as possible. That way, they can begin to arrange repairs and you can complete the required insurance claims for the process to be settled.

Ask Questions About Their Services

In addition to how well a property manager communicates, you should also find out some details about their workload. Find out how many rental properties they manage to get an idea of their experience. Further, finding out if they have the required experience can give you a good idea about how prepared they will be to handle all the issues they will encounter as your property manager. 

In addition to revealing how much experience a property manager has, checking out their workload will also help you evaluate if they will have the time needed to provide the attention your rental property needs. A vacation rental property will need a bit more time dedicated than a long-term rental, especially because there is a much quicker turnaround on the rental. If you find that they already handle multiple properties, find out how many people they have working with them to ensure they can manage all properties fully. Contact a company that offers vacation property management services to learn more.