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Why Buying A Golf Course Home Makes Sense Even For Non-Golfers

Even if you've never yelled, "Fore!" in your life, buying golf course homes for sale may be the right choice for you. In fact, not everyone who lives in a golf community actually golfs. Here's why.

Quiet neighborhood

Aside from the occasional warning about stray shots, golf is a fairly quiet sport. Proper course etiquette dictates that you remain quiet when your fellow golfers are taking their shot. This creates a fairly quiet atmosphere for the houses located along the course. If you prefer a quiet neighborhood, living on a golf course is definitely a good decision.

Involved HOA

The golf course community's developers want to maintain a high-end status for the course and for the homes within the development. As such, most golf course communities have strict architectural guidelines and involved homeowner's associations. You will not have to worry about unkempt lawns or garishly painted houses. Everything will be well-maintained. 


Many golf courses are designed by famous golfers, like Arnold Palmer or Tiger Woods. This creates an air of prestige for the surrounding neighborhood as well. 

Guaranteed green space

Over time, subdivision lots have gotten smaller and smaller while houses have grown in size. The National Association of Realtors states that this has led to a 16 percent decrease in available yard space. Luckily, when you buy a golf course home, there is plenty of guaranteed green space, both around each home and the view of the course. 

Resale value

Golf course homes retain their resale value, particularly those located directly on the course with a view. The National Recreation and Parks Association revealed that homes located directly on a golf course demand a premium, selling for up to 30 percent more than comparable homes not on a course. Homes located with views of the water, the greens, or even an extended 180-degree view sell for the most, while those located on the fairway sell for slightly less.  

Other amenities

Many golf course communities have additional amenities for the residents to use, such as a luxurious pool, a well-equipped community center, or even lighted tennis courts. It is not uncommon for golf course communities to have a members-only restaurant as well.

Buying a golf course home when you don't golf makes perfect sense, especially if you like living in a resort-style atmosphere. Who knows? You may even decide to pick up a set of clubs and play a round of golf one day.