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A Short Guide On Hiring Security Guards

If you're trying to decide whether hiring one or more security guards would benefit you, then you'll only be able to make the right choice when armed with all necessary information. Once you decide to follow through with hiring security guards, you'll then need to decide on the type of security guard you want and this means choosing between armed or unarmed guards. Here is plenty of information you can use to get a better idea of what is going to be the best for you.

What security guards do

You may have a picture in your head of the job a security guard does, and it likely includes seeing them stand at their post or walking around the property looking for someone who shouldn't be there or who is doing something they shouldn't be doing and them chasing the person off or placing them under arrest. However, not only is this all they do, but it's also not accurate. Here is just some of what a security guard does:

  • Watches for potential threatening peoples
  • Watches for potential threats that come in other forms, such as strange packages or potentially hazardous items, looking for any other type of dangerous situations, etc.
  • Provides a visual deterrent for anyone considering doing something wrong
  • Place someone under a citizen's arrest and then calls law enforcement who will make the actual arrest if they decide an actual crime was committed
  • Assists people needing help, such as someone having a health crisis
  • Monitor surveillance equipment
  • Inspect buildings and premises
  • Checking credentials before permitting anyone onto the premises
  • Makes detailed shift reports documenting any and all potential issues, as well as calm times
  • Interview any witnesses of a crime or other incident

Hiring unarmed security guards

Since unarmed security guards don't have guns, some people wondering if they can truly provide security. Unarmed security guards can provide great security because they still patrol and look for those possible threats, monitor the surveillance equipment, call the authorities, and perform all the same things an armed guard can do, but they just won't have a gun. However, most threats do not need to be handled with a weapon, especially a lethal one. Unarmed guards are great for any areas where there is no reason to expect that an armed guard will be needed.

Hiring armed security guards

Armed security guards are more threatening in general, because they do have that weapon they can use if they feel their life or someone else's life in in imminent danger. Armed guards are the guards of choice for places where security guards will be at a higher risk of running into life threatening situations. For example, an armed security guard can be commonly found in places such as banks or other places where there are valuables or much sought after items.

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