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6 Upgrades Luxury Home Buyers Want

Luxury home buyers do not want standard-issue, everyday kitchens. They want stylish kitchens that are at the peak of style. There are several upgrades that appeal to the luxury market if you are remodeling or preparing to sell your home. 

1. Black Appliances: Black appliances are coming back around and luxury home buyers want them. This black is not the shiny black that was popular for kitchen appliances in the 90s, but rather a newer, updated matte black finish.  

2. Brass Accents: Another throwback to the 1990s is the use of brass in upscale kitchens. Unlike the shiny brass of the past, the brass accents that buyers are looking for is a sophisticated brass that has a brushed finish.

3. Open Shelving: Another trend in luxury home sales is to have all or a portion of the upper cabinets replaced with open shelving. This contemporary trend allows homeowners to display dishes and glassware out in the open for a distinctly casual look.

4. Dark Cabinets: White kitchens have been the go-to look for designers everywhere for several years, but color is slowly re-entering the kitchen. Luxury home buyers often like to be ahead of the trend and dark cabinetry is the next big thing. Shades of navy, charcoal, and even hunter green are now gracing high-end kitchens. 

5. Waterfall Edge: Granite, marble, and solid surface counters will always in vogue, but luxury home buyers want more. While countertops can be installed with a plethora of edge choices, a waterfall edge is highly desirable. Having the stone surface turn 90 degrees and plummet to the floor is a dramatic style choice. 

6. Retro Sinks: Luxury home buyers prefer kitchens with retro sinks. The apron-front sink, often called a farmhouse sink, that has seen tremendous growth in popularity over the last decade actually dates back to the 17th century. Wall-mounted sinks, a variation of apron-front sinks, are also trending lately. This hip look where the porcelain sink mounts directly to the wall is actually a throwback to the turn of the last century.  

7. Wood Counters: While stone countertops are typical in high-end homes, luxury homeowners often desire to have kitchens that stand apart from their neighbors. Wood countertops finished with a marine-grade varnish can help achieve this goal. 

Today's luxury homes feature traditional details with a modern twist. Dark colors, warm finishes, and classic sinks are all highly desirable in a luxury home today.