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Ways To Build A Community In Rental Properties As A Property Manager

As a property manager, you take on the task of making sure that a property owner's rental property runs smoothly and that rent payments are collected on time. Though this is the bare bones version of what you likely do in a day, it is the crux of the job. Part of making sure that things run smoothly is to build a community among the tenants. You may be wondering how you can do this. Here are a few methods that may work for you.

Monthly Meet and Greets

One of the easiest ways to build a community with the tenants is to host a monthly meet and greet on the property. This, of course, works out better if you have a clubhouse rental that you can host the meet and greet within. This can be something as simple as a coffee, cake, cookies, and juice mixer where you can simply talk about upcoming issues and events then allow the tenants to meet each other. This can actually help tenants meet other families and make that social connection.

Service Swap

A service swap is a type of meet and greet where you can have people that offer services in the community show up and share those service options. For example, you may have several people in the community that offer homeschool options, tutoring, or babysitting. You may also have a family that needs one or all of those options. Instead of those families in need going out of the rental community and paying large amounts of money for those services, they can now stay in the community and get the same services. It helps the tenant that is offering the service and helps the family that needs it. It also builds a sense of community that helps foster new connections.

Religious Meetups

There are some people in your community, especially if you are a property manager of a larger community, that can't get out to a local church or faith meeting. They may also be in a situation where they don't like any of the area options. You can offer a non-denominational meetup in the property clubhouse to help these members of your community. The tenants can create their own group dynamic and can meet based on the faith they have. They can also branch out and have small meetups in their own rentals if the space allows. This can give tenants a touchstone in faith that they may not have.

You may be wondering the benefit to you as a property management specialist of doing any of these community building exercises. The largest benefit is that you will start to gain a long-term tenant base because they have built a community, friends, and connections that they will not want to give up for the sake of a quick move to another rental property.