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Four Things Every New Gun Safe Buyer Should Know

If you've recently purchased your first firearm, it's time to start looking for a safe that you can store it in. For first-time gun safe buyers, the options can be confusing. Here are a few things that you should know about gun safes before you invest.

Not All Gun Safes Are Alike

When you're looking at the options for your safe, you need to consider the level of protection that each model and style offers. Different types of gun safes offer different levels of security based on the construction of the safe and the type of lock. Look for a safe that features reinforced steel walls and fireproofing material to get the most durability from your investment. In addition, consider biometric lock systems for greater security, as they are much harder to circumvent than a combination or key lock.

Know Where Your Safe Will Be Placed

Before you set out to shop for your safe, you'll need to make sure of where you're going to put it. This makes it easier to choose a model that will fit well in that space. As you start looking for the right location for your safe, consider the exposure to various hazards. For example, you'll want somewhere that's going to be reasonably protected against flooding as well as fire. Places like first-floor offices, on concrete slabs are good spaces to keep gun safes.

Consider The Importance Of Burglary Protection

Many people focus heavily on the risk of fire when choosing a gun safe. While fireproofing is important, you also need to be realistic about the risk of burglary. Don't dismiss this as something that only happens at night or something that only happens to other people. In fact, many burglaries happen in the middle of the day, and in some cases they are committed by people you know who know your home and where the gun safe can be found.

Gun Safes Should Always Be Bolted In Place

Especially when first-time buyers invest in a large, heavy gun safe, they often believe that the safe doesn't need to be bolted down. The truth is that every gun safe should be bolted down to reduce the risk of theft. In fact, many burglars will try to remove the entire safe so that they have plenty of time in a safe space to try to open it later. Even heavy safes can be moved with multiple people, so bolt it into place no matter how large it is. This will help ensure adequate protection against theft.

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