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Use These Strategies To Find Tenants Before Advertising Widely

Getting tenants for your rental property is a big priority as soon as you prepare the unit for rent, but you should attempt to find tenants through a few different strategies before you advertise the vacancy widely. It's ideal if you can rent your house to someone you know or to the acquaintance of an acquaintance. When you're concerned about how the tenants will take care of your house, you'll feel better when you actually know the people who will be moving in. Here are some strategies to find tenants before you advertise broadly.

Advertise On Social Media

If you have a sizable presence on social media, you can use a platform such as Facebook to look for tenants. Write a post that describes your house, include a photo album of images, and then post this content. Ideally, you'll soon hear back from someone within your circle of friends and contacts who may be interested. This can be an easy way to secure tenants; you might find that someone contacts you with interest just an hour after you publish your post.

Spread The Word In Person

It's also a good idea to spread the word about your rental unit to people in person. If you're at one of your child's sporting events or drama productions, for example, bring up your unit when you exchange small talk with the other parents. Sometimes, you might find that one parent doesn't wish to rent a home, but has a family member who does. When you mingle with people after church, make sure to tell them about your rental unit. At work, make sure that your colleagues know that you have a house for rent. By keeping this topic in mind whenever you're in a social setting, you should ideally track down some tenants.

Hire A Real Estate Agent

If the above methods haven't panned out, you don't need to advertise the listing just yet. Instead, contact a local real estate agent who represents people who are looking to rent; many agents focus on the world of rentals, too. When you explain your listing, the agent will ideally be able to browse his or her roster of people who are looking to rent and find a suitable tenant for you. While this person won't technically be someone within your circle of friends, he or she will come recommended by the real estate agent, which can make you feel that you're getting a suitable candidate. Contact a company like CJ Real Estate, Inc to learn more.