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Spruce Up The Outside Property And The Small Office Building That It Sits On To Increase The Odds Of Selling Them

If you will be hiring a real estate agent to assist with listing the land and small office building that you are selling, spruce up the outside property and inside of the building that you own with the following tips. An attractive and functional piece of property and building may be desired by many people, making it possible for you to sell them soon after they are advertised through a real estate agency..

Provide The Lawn With A Manicured Appearance And Sitting Area

Groom the lawn and trees growing on it by clipping tree branches, removing weeds, bagging up leaves, and cutting grass. If you do not have time to maintain the lawn's appearance, hire a landscaping company or ask one of your employees to assist you when they have some extra time. Set up a sitting area outside for patrons and employees to use. A patio table and chairs will provide a sufficient area for individuals to relax on days when the weather is pleasant. Place a birdbath or outdoor fountain near the table and chairs to add appeal to the property.

Individuals who are searching for an office building to purchase may be impressed with the attractive, outdoor atmosphere and may be able to envision how they can utilize it if they decide to purchase the property and building that you are selling. 

Minimize Clutter And Install Partitions

If you have several desks located in one room inside of your business, minimize clutter by throwing away paperwork that is no longer needed and boxing up items that are not currently being used. The items that are packed can be placed inside of a closet or outdoor storage shed so that they are out of view when people stop by to view the building that you are selling.

If desks are located close to each other and are overpowering the room, move them further apart and install partitions between them. Portable walls come in several colors and patterns. They can be installed wherever you would like to add privacy and moved with ease once you sell the office building and are ready to transport items to another location.

Clean The Reception Area And Add Additional Features 

Steam clean the carpeting and furniture located in the reception area and place a variety of recent magazines in a rack. If lighting is limited in the room, install a couple floor lamps that match the decor that is present. Place some scenic photos on the walls and clean the windows if there are any streaks on them.

Set up a refreshment area that includes beverages and snacks in one corner of the room. As potential buyers stop by, they will be greeted with a pleasant area that may inspire them to make an offer on the land.

All of these tips can greatly improve your chances of selling your land and business. Talk with someone like Krueger Real Estate for more advice.