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Coexist: How To Deal With The Cons That Come Along With A Lakefront Property

Buying a piece of property that sits on a lake is a dream for many. Having a home that overlooks the water, plus being able to sit on the lake or participate in water activities adds to the enjoyment of your real estate. One of the biggest problems with buying a home that sits directly on a lake is dealing with the issues that the water or the lake itself may bring. Here are some of the top ways to deal with problems from lakefront property

Set up netting on your deck for the mosquitos and other insects 

If you have a balcony, deck, or patio that overlooks the lake, chances are, you may find many insects in this area in particular. Mosquitos in particular like to live near bodies of water, which puts you at risk of mosquito bites most times of the year. Set up netting on the exterior of your deck so that the mosquitos and other insects cannot get onto your deck. This will allow you to still enjoy the smell and sight of the water but keep you and your family safe from bug bites or annoying buzzing. 

Go with wicker near a salt lake

If you live near a waterfront property that has salt water versus fresh water, the wind and the water can conspire to make a series of unfortunate events for anything metal. The saltwater blowing in the air constantly can corrode the paint off of certain items, especially your car and furniture. If you wish to have outside furniture, make sure the furniture is something easy to care for and move, like wicker. The wicker will not corrode and you will be able to easily lift and move the furniture if the wind starts to blow too hard. 

Enhance child safety protocol

One thing that you want to do well in advance of moving on a lakefront property is establishing boundaries with children. Let your child know that they are not to go out of the backyard or to the lake without proper permission and an adult present. Install a proper fence in the backyard and place a gate with an entry code on the interior of the fence. This will make sure that your children are unable to get out without being let out. Also, be sure to get your child in swim lessons as soon as possible. Your child knowing how to swim and float and understanding water safety can help put your mind at ease.