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Finding An Office Rental Space That Will Retain Employee Happiness

If you are looking to rent a new office space, then you may want to think about your employees when choosing the location. After all, employee happiness means increased productivity and a more successful business. In fact, you are likely to see a 12% increase in productivity if your employees are happy. A great business location can help to boost positive emotions, so consider a few things when shopping for office space.

Nearby Coffee Shops

About 83% of American adults drink coffee, and this means that a large amount of your employees likely enjoy the beverage. While some individuals consume coffee merely for the benefits of the caffeine, others enjoy the taste and the healthy antioxidants. Coffee is also a social beverage that is consumed in groups at coffee shops throughout the country. 

If you want to keep your employees happy, then make sure to choose a location near a coffee shop. Trends seem to be moving more towards the enjoyment of artisanal coffees and specialty drinks, so look for a location near an independent shop with a wide variety of coffees and teas. Also, a large seating area may be ideal for business meetings, lunches, and other company functions. 

Public Transportation

If you need a larger office space and your business is currently located in a smaller town or city, then you may not have as many options when it comes to real estate. If you are considering moving to a larger city in the region, make sure that this does not create a hardship by increasing commute times. Studies indicate that there is a direct link between happiness and the length of time it takes for an employee to commute to their job. Individuals who drive longer feel less satisfied with their lives and they are more stressed in general. If possible, find an office location that is not too far from your current space. 

If you do need to move a bit further from your current business location, then you may not be able to control commute times directly. You can try to reduce commute stress though. Look for an office space that has direct access to public transportation routes. This can allow some individuals to use park and ride systems if they have longer drives. This way, the commute time can be used as leisure time to think, read, or listen to music. If you have a bit of extra money in your budget, then consider sharing bus and subway pass costs with employees that choose to use public transportation.

Traffic congestion may also contribute to commute stress, long drives, and unhappiness. If employees do need to drive, then think about adjusting work schedules a small amount. Allowing individuals to come in and leave one hour later every day can help them to avoid rush hour traffic. Just make sure the office space has a large parking lot or garage. Otherwise, employees may be stressed simply because they cannot find a parking spot. 

Keep these tips in mind and talk with real estate agencies, such as The Computing Hub, about office spaces for rent or sale.