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Tips For Performing A Large Property Clean Up

If you recently inherited a large piece of property that is covered in decades worth of trash and storage items, then the following tips will make the project of cleaning up the mess a lot easier for you:

Have Both a Trash and Metal Recycling Dumpster Delivered

When you have a large yard clean up project to complete, then you are well beyond hauling your own items to the local landfill and recycling center. Instead, save yourself a lot of time and hassles by ordering both a trash and metal recycling dumpster and have them delivered to the site the day before you are ready to start the clean up. This simple step will allow you to have two options for placing unwanted items. Items for donation or a later yard sale should be placed in a specific place on the property while you work and then hauled away as soon as possible or sold quickly to remove them.

Into the metal recycling dumpster you can put any items that contain the following:

  • aluminum - such as old window frames, ladders, and camper shells
  • copper - such as old plumbing fixtures and pipes
  • ferrous metals - such as old iron tools and car parts

Know How to Properly Dispose of Old Appliances and Vehicles

If your deceased relative left a lot of old appliances and vehicles laying around the property, then you can have someone come to the site and remove them for you. All appliances and vehicles have some scrap metal value, and every community has a business, like Seabreeze Property Services,that will drive out and retrieve both of these things. Sometimes you will be given a small payment for their value, other times people will haul them for free so that they can collect the scrap value themselves.

Understand How to Process Paints and Cleaning Chemicals

If you find a lot of paint cans and cleaning chemicals laying around the property, then you can take the cleaning chemicals to your local landfill for proper disposal. You should not put these items into your dumpster, but instead, you should take them to the landfill in a separate trip. 

Finally, if you have a lot of old paint cans that still have paint inside of them, you should open each can and set it outside in the sunshine to dry. Once the paint has dried then it is no longer considered to be toxic and can be disposed of in your trash dumpster.