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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Front Door

Front doors hold a lot of significance in your home. Not only do they provide positive curb appeal, but they also play an important part in keeping your home warm or cool. Since front doors do not last forever, it is important for you to recognize warning signs that suggest it is time for a replacement.

Are There Cracks That Allow Air In Your Home?

After a period of time, the door will allow air to pass in and out of the door. This can happen because the door is not sealed properly or because it has a dent or crack. Not only will this increase your monthly energy bill, but it is a safety issue as well. If your door is fairly new, it is possible it is not the right size for the door frame and that is why it is allowing air to pass through.

Do You Have a Moisture Buildup Problem?

When moisture builds up between the glass on the door, around the outside edges or on the floors, the seal inside the door is no longer working. If the moisture gets onto the floors and walls of the home, this can lead to water damage and the growth of mold or mildew. You would definitely want to replace a door that is letting all that moisture in.

Is the Door Easy to Break?

Whether it is because of cracks or it is just as easy to unlock the door with a butter knife as it is a key, an unsecured front door is a huge risk to the security of your home. In fact, thirty-three percent of burglars come into your home by the front door, either by playing with the lock or kicking in a hollow door. Your new door should be made of solid wood or metal, with a steel door being the strongest of all choices.

Is the Lock Hard to Operate?

After a while, the lock may not allow the key to easily be turned to lock or unlock the door. If a little oil does not fix the problem, you need to at least consider replacing the lock. If replacing the lock does not fix the issue, it is possible the door is not aligned properly on the hinges. The hinges could also be rusted and therefore need replacement.  

Whether you are a homeowner, a home seller, or a property manager, it is in your best interest to know how to recognize signs that a home is in need of a new front door. Keep in mind that if you live on a rental property, your property manager -- someone from a company like Foreside Real Estate Management -- would be the one to take care of any issues you have with your front door.