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3 Internet Sources To Help You Find A Safe Neighborhood To Live In When Moving To An Unfamiliar City After You Graduate From Col

The college graduation season will soon be here and thousands of excited graduates will leave the safe confines of college living and move to unfamiliar cities to accept entry-level jobs in their chosen profession. One of the problems many face is being able to afford a nice apartment in a safe neighborhood on the entry-level pay they will be earning. Here are 3 Internet sources you can use to help you determine where the safe neighborhoods are in the city you'll be moving to start your new life and career after college. caters to individuals looking for real-time crime data in neighborhoods throughout a particular city. The data is generated by the participating local police departments that directly serve and protect the neighborhoods you are investigating. The participating police departments use websites like these to report local crime instead of maintaining their own crime reporting website. All you have to do is enter the address of the apartment you are looking to rent into the search engine and a report is generated showing how many crimes are committed in the area, the types of crimes committed, and the times the crimes occurred. The crime data is uploaded automatically from participating police departments as the bookings and reports are filed into the police department's computer systems.

The site also provides live tweets about police activity in a neighborhood as a crime or police response is happening. You can also sign up to receive alerts on your smartphone when a new crime is reported to help you monitor the conditions in a neighborhood.

The site is sponsored by police departments across the nation and the data is made available to you at no cost, nor do you have to sign up or give any of your personal information to access the information. is similar to in that they also receive crime reports from participating police departments, but this site also allows people to report crimes on the website that may or may not have been reported or investigated by the police. The main difference between the two is that also uses information from news sources and user-generate data. The user generated data comes from people living in or visiting the neighborhoods you are looking to reside.

Local Police Website

Not all police departments report crime activity to a secondary website. If you can't find information on a city on one of the crime reporting websites listed above, you should look up the police department serving the neighborhood you are investigating. The police department may maintain their own site or they could use a different reporting service. If they do use a different reporting service, there should be a link on the police department's webpage to get to the reporting service's web page.

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