buying your first home - what you should know

How A Home Inspection Can Increase Your Chances Of Price Negotiations

When you have your eye set on a particular home for sale, you may be excited and wonder how long it will take before you can move in. If you know you already have financing, you may be extremely near to closing and signing the paperwork to close the deal. However, if you are waiting on the results of a professional home inspection before closing can take place, you might consider it an opportunity to negotiate the price of the home. While it may take you a little longer before you can move in if you wait on inspections, you should know the wait may be well worth it.

Termite Inspections Are Vital To Avoid Moving In With Them

If termites are eating away at a home's foundation, you may never know it until you move in. Termites can cause expensive damage to the structure of your new home, so making sure you have a termite inspection before closing the deal on the house is a good idea. Also, if you ask for a termite inspection before the deal is closed, the seller or real estate company selling it will be responsible for the cost. If you sign off and move in to find termites, you will be the one responsible for the cost of a termite inspection. If you want to move in quickly, you could negotiate with the seller about you paying for the inspection if they drop the home's asking price.

Roofing Problems Can Cause Big Trouble In The Future

The cost of a total roof replacement is expensive. The cost of water damage in a home due to a poor roof is costly as well. The bad thing about roofing problems is they are not always obvious. An inspector has a trained eye, so they will help you know whether or not you need to negotiate with the seller about the roof repair or replacement costs before closing. Meeting an inspector at the home and walking along with him or her is a good idea for learning exactly what kind of problems you are at looking at. The report compiled by an inspector may have terms that mean simple things but which can be daunting if you do not know them.

Faulty Electrical And Wiring Problems Are Serious

If an inspector reports a problem with the electrical system in the home you are considering, do not consider moving in until it is fixed and inspected again after repairs are made. Faulty or poor wiring can cause a fire, a safety hazard you should not risk just because you are anxious to move in. Again, you can negotiate with the seller about getting the home for less if you decide to pay for the repairs. However, when it comes to some electrical repairs, the cost can be expensive, so you may want to leave that one up to the seller.

Having patience and waiting out a home inspection is certainly worthwhile, especially if the inspector finds problems that need to be repaired right away. For more information on building inspections, visit a site like