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Five Good Reasons To Choose A Custom Home

If you're considering a new home, you may be wondering whether to choose a completed newly-built home or have one built to your specifications and with your family and your needs in mind. While a custom home is generally more expensive, choosing this option offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is having a home that meets all of the items on your home "wish list."

Benefits of having a custom home built for your family

1. Uniqueness. With a custom home, your home won't look like every third or fourth house in the neighborhood. Your home will reflex your taste and personality, not that of the builder. With a custom house, you're not limited to a few pre-designed models. You can have an architect create blueprints for your vision.

2. Custom finishes and floor plans. Have you always wanted a walk-in shower, a patio off of your bedroom and/or hardwood floors throughout your living space? Maybe you want polished pewter door hardware and concrete kitchen counters. With a custom home, you get to choose the design elements and the finishes that most appeal to you.

3. Fewer landscaping worries. When you build a custom home rather than a new tract home in a new development, you don't have to worry about dirt access roads and landscaping delays because the builder wants to put in the entire neighborhood's sod and bushes at the same time. With a custom home, your grass and your landscaping plants will be in place when you move in.

4. Choice of location. When you buy a previously-constructed home, whether it's been lived in or not, you have no choice over where it is located. With a custom home, you can shop for the piece of land that most appeals to you and have your home built on it.

5. Modern technology and "green" possibilities. When you choose a custom home, you can add all of the latest technology and environmentally-friendly building materials. Do you want to be able to control and monitor your mechanical and security systems via your smartphone? With a custom home, you can add these features and more.

While building a custom home may not be the right choice for every new home buyer, this type of home is unique, is situated on a property you choose and allows you to create a home that reflects your taste and needs. Contact companies like Zicka Homes for more information.