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3 Questions To Ask When You Are Renting A New Apartment As A Single Parent

As a newly single parent, it may be more challenging to find an appropriate apartment that is both affordable and meets the needs of your family. Fortunately, asking the following questions will help you save time and frustration during the process of renting a new apartment.

#1-What Type Of Apartment Do You Need?

It is easy to classify all apartments together. However, you may find that townhomes or apartment buildings with fewer units provide more privacy and larger areas.  One example would be that duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes, may offer yards that standard apartments in a larger complex cannot.

In addition, if you have pets that would benefit from a yard or your kids enjoy playing outside, you may find that smaller units with yard access are useful. Conversely, townhomes are frequently more spacious and the existence of a second floor can be great for busy single parents.

#2-What Amenities Come With Your New Apartment?

Although it is not fun to talk about, the truth is that your change in marital status, either through divorce or the death of your spouse, has probably changed your financial position. As a result, you are likely to be looking for affordable rent, but it is also a good idea to consider the amenities provided by the management company.

For instance, you will need to decide whether you need a laundry room in your apartment, facilities in the building or complex or if you would prefer to be able to do it all at once by periodically taking it to a laundromat. Another amenity to consider is whether the management company or landlord will bill you directly for your use of specific utilities or if you need to set up and pay for your services directly. Each of those will obviously impact your budget and therefore, will play an import role in your future.

#3-How Long Do You Plan To Live In The Apartment?

A common mistake is to simply look for low rent of a decent unit and arrange to move in. However, committing to a longer lease can provide you with a reduced rent for a longer period of time and eventually off-set your total move in costs. As a result, signing a six-month lease of a temporary apartment and planning for another move at that time is not always a good idea.

Although your budget will obviously impact your ultimate choice of a new rental apartment, you should still plan for both your long- and short-term needs. Moving can be expensive and time-consuming. If possible, try to take an apartment that you can see your family enjoying for more than the minimum lease period. It is also important to note that when you re-sign a lease, your rent will often increase and therefore, the short-term lease can be problematic.

In conclusion, it can be difficult to find an new apartment to rent as a newly-single parent.  By asking the above questions while choosing from the available options, you are likely to find the right unit more quickly and with less frustration. For more information, contact a company like Advanced Realty.