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6 Ways To Make A Small Luxury Apartment Feel Bigger

When it comes to upscale apartment hunting, sometimes it's more important to find an ideal location and then a sacrifice a little space as opposed to landing a larger place farther from your preferred area. And a smaller apartment doesn't have to feel cramped. If you use the right design techniques, you can make any small luxury apartment feel more spacious and open. Here's how:

1. The Trinity of Light

A great principle to adapt is to ensure you have at least three lights in each room. Aim for lights that are indirect and low down, as opposed to blinding, stock light bulbs that hang from the ceiling of many apartments. This allows your eyes to move around the room better.

2. Think Off-White, Not White

Flat, pure white walls can make rooms look colder. If you use white with a little color added, you can breathe life and spaciousness into the room. But go ahead and paint the ceiling pure white if you like. This can add contrast to your warmer wall colors.

3. Darkness Can Bring Out The Brightness

A dark floor can fool the eye into making your walls look even brighter due to the contrast. If you use stained wooden flooring, it can ground your apartment with a warm, earthy color. 

4. Mirrors Are Your Friend

Mirrors can make a space look bigger because they accelerate and reflect light. They're a quick, easy way to expand a room. The effect can be multiplied if you place them in areas that are naturally dark, such as cupboards or closets. 

 5. Built-In Is The Way To Go

Consult with your landlord to see if you can build into any existing walls. This lets you take more advantage of the space you have. Traditional furniture juts out into the room. Built-in furniture, such as a bookshelf or a bench under a window, can give you functionality while maintaining a more open space.

6. Don't Be Afraid Of Contrast

If everything in your apartment is small and light, then there are no accent pieces to draw the eye's attention away from the fact that you're in a small space. Counter to what you might expect, hanging a large piece of dark-colored art or switching to a large bed creates contrast and makes your apartment look more spacious and luxurious. 

Smaller luxury apartments are a great way to land your ideal location and level of comfort while staying within your budget. The concepts of lighting, contrast, and space maximization are key to achieving the open concept you're looking for. Follow the tips mentioned above and transform your place into an open, inviting luxury apartment.