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How To Prepare For Bed Bug Extermination

No one wants to find out that their home has bed bugs, but it helps to know that there are exterminators that can eliminate the problem. Rather than try to eradicate the unwanted critters yourself through various methods, it may be best to spend the money and call in the professionals. Although some home remedies may work for a while, bed bugs are likely to make a comeback sooner or later without heavy-duty treatment.

Prior to the exterminator visit, there are some things that you'll need to do to prepare:

1. The first thing you'll need to do is remove everything from your beds, including mattress pads, bed skirts, sheets and quilts or comforters. Prior to the visit, wash all of the linens in the highest temperature that the fabric will allow to kill any bed bugs and their eggs. After thoroughly drying the items, place them in airtight bags or plastic containers until the exterminator is done treating your home. You don't want any new bugs invading the clean bedding. 

As another option, you can have the linens professionally dry-cleaned as well. This may be a necessity if you have delicate fabrics such as silk or satin. 

2. If you've found bed bugs throughout your room, remove all clothing and other fabric items from the closets and wash, dry and seal them as well. 

3. Steam-clean bedroom carpets and rugs on the highest temperature the materials will allow. Clean any furniture fabric, such as sofa or chair cushions, as well. You can rent a steam cleaner if you don't own one.

4. Since the bed bug exterminators will need to access the entire room during the treatment process, make the furniture easy to work around. For instance, move beds away from walls so that the exterminator can get behind them, and take any lighter items, such as chairs and nightstands, out of the room to clear the space.

5. Also, unplug all electrical items, such as alarm clocks, desk lamps and TVs, so that the technicians don't trip over cords. 

6. Remove any edible items or kids' or pets' toys from the room, as the exterminators will be working with toxic chemicals. 

7. Cover any large items that you can't remove from the room, such as dressers, bookcases, TVs and armoires, with protective sheets or plastic wrap to keep them chemical-free.

8. Open bedroom windows a little to provide the space with adequate ventilation during the pest control treatment process. 

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