buying your first home - what you should know

Finding The Right Apartment Style For Your Needs

If you're on the hunt for an apartment, the available options can seem overwhelming. Before you commit to a year-long lease, it's important to know which features of an apartment will fit your own personal needs and lifestyle. Here are some apartment choices that may be available in your area and could be the perfect fit for your next residence.


A loft style apartment provides plenty of room in one congruent living space. These apartments are much larger than a normal-sized apartment. The kitchen, living space, and dining room are typically all in one open area. Bedrooms are usually separated by wall dividers, and you won't get much privacy if you share a loft with other roommates. But if you're looking for a big, edgy place to live that will give you lots of wall space to hang artwork and plenty of natural sunlight, a loft could be the answer. Most lofts are found in downtown areas and many were constructed from converted warehouses and other industrial buildings.


Studio apartments are typically the smallest sized apartment you can find. These little abodes are usually only one bedroom and one bathroom, and most only have a small attached living room with an open kitchen. Studios are a great choice for single people or those who live a busy lifestyle and don't plan to be home very often. If you're just looking for a transitional apartment until you purchase a home or move to a larger unit, a studio is a great choice since they're typically less expensive to rent than their larger counterparts.

Complexes And Condos

Today's modern renter wants to enjoy a lifestyle that includes all of the amenities. If you prefer to live in a more communal environment, a condominium or apartment complex could fit the bill. These large buildings house higher numbers of units all in one space, but they typically also offer lots of extras like laundry rooms and even on-site gyms. Condominiums may require you to pay an extra fee to the homeowner's association, so be sure to check into any extra costs if you choose to rent one. Apartment complexes typically don't charge extra fees. Both of these options should prepare you to be close to your neighbors. Plan on having people above and below you unless you live on the top or bottom floor. No matter which style of apartment you choose, as long as it suits your current lifestyle you should enjoy renting there.

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