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Help Your Residents Save On Heating Costs This Winter Through Property Maintenance

As a property management company, your job is not just to take care of the properties under your care, but make sure that the living experience for your tenants is a positive one. Here are a few ways you can make your properties nicer and help your residents out at the same time.

Change All The Filters In Your Heating Systems

Bring in an HVAC repair person, and have them perform an inspection all of your heating  elements throughout all of your properties. Make sure that they change out all of the air filters too. Dirty air filters can stress out your heating systems and end up costs your tenants more money to use. 

Additionally staying on top of HVAC maintenance will help you stop small problems from turning into big ones and increasing your operating costs in the long run.

Check The Weatherstrips On All Your Doors

Next, you need to inspect all the weatherstrips on all the doors at each location you manage. It can be easy to forget about the weatherstrip after you put it in; however, overtime, weather strips start to become degraded. When weatherstrips break down, they don't work as effectively. 

Replacing any damaged weather strips will help your tenants save money on your heating costs as less energy is lost from their dwellings. 

Provide Window Coverings

Another area where a lot of heat is lost in builds are the window areas. You can help prevent this heat loss by providing all of your tenants with window coverings, such as blinds. Not only will this prevent heat loss and help out your tenants energy bills, it will improve the overall appearance of all the units that you manage and create a more uniformed look between your units. 

Make Sure All The Windows Are Sealed Properly

Next, check all the windows in your properties and make sure that they are properly caulked. If they are not, re caulk them. This will help keep your windows secure and will cut down on energy loss as well.

Provide Your Residents With A Smart Heating Information

Finally, be sure to send out a newsletter that provides your tenants with tips on how to keep their home warm and their energy costs down during the winter time. Be sure to include tips such as lowering the thermostat when they are not home, and shutting the door to rooms that they do not use and don't need to heat. 

Investing in these simple maintenance tasks will make the properties you manage more comfortable and warm places for your tenants during the winter months. For more information on property management, talk to a professional like Taylor Realty.